Friday, June 24, 2016

Installing WordPress: From Purchasing Website Hosting Until You Can Be Accessed

Installing WordPress is actually not difficult.

In the video I recorded for this guide, the process only takes less than 5 minutes.

But why so many people are confused?

Hmm ... maybe because WordPress itself does not provide official guides who speak Indonesian. So those who can not English a bit confused.

For me that's in this guide provides steps from scratch that you can follow today to make a website with WordPress.

Renting hosting and domain

Before you can install WordPress, you must have first place: hosting and domain.

Understanding simple as this:

Hosting or web hosting is the place to put your website. All files associated with websites placed on hosting.

While the domain is the address.

To be able to access your website, then people will type in your domain name in their browser. For example, the domain name of my blog is

Recommended hosting

There are many hosting providers and domain.

So you are not confused, some recommendation Indonesia hosting service that I feel is appropriate for beginners:

All three provide free domain hosting if we hire.

If you want to create a website in English for foreign visitors targets, then the hosting should be based in the United States.

These hosting services abroad that are suitable for beginners:

Before we go any further, be careful ... on the internet there are many people who do not clear their origin offering cheap hosting services.

You should not buy from people who are not clear.

Tips specify the domain name

I personally had a bad habit in choosing a domain: Like to think too long ...

Here are some tips specify the domain name:
  • Related or it could describe the subject / content of the website
  • Not too long, 3 words or less
  • Not similar to the name of the popular website
  • Using the extension .com
  • Does not contain a dash (-)
  • Contain no numbers, except if your brand contains the numbers
  • Easy to remember, it is not difficult to spoken / written
  • These tips only, not to be followed.

In fact, many successful websites that do not follow these tips above domain names.

How to buy hosting and domain

Please see this video to learn how to buy hosting and domain of
Hosting this effect to the quality and speed of access to your website. If you buy hosting that is not clear, your website will be a lot of distractions.

Upon confirmation of payment is received, you should get an email from a hosting service that contains your account information.

Save the email.

Installing WordPress

There are two alternative ways WordPress installation.

First, the more easily by using a tool called Softaculous which is usually already on your hosting.

Secondly, the manual way.

Let's discuss them one by one.

Installing WordPress with Softaculous

Please check out this video:

If you do not like to watch the video, please follow the guidelines below.

1. Open

Log into your CPanel address. Then enter your username and password you provided when purchasing hosting.

This is where all the magic tool to manage your hosting is.

CPanel hosting see you may be different from the one in the video above, but do not differ much.

2. Locate the application called Softaculous

Softaculous is an application to install a variety of platforms websites, one of which is WordPress.

With Softaculous, we can install WordPress in 2x click.

Having met Softaculous, find and click Install WordPress.

Failing that, you can also use Fantastico. Otherwise there is also, follow the installation guide via FTP below.

3. Fill out the information requested by Softaculous

Look at this picture if you are confused:

(Click images to enlarge)

Once everything is complete, click Install.

Done! Now that you've installed WordPress.

Not hard right?

Installing WordPress via FTP in cPanel

If in your CPanel no application called Softaculous or Fantastico, then you must install WordPress manually.

Although a bit more complicated, but beginners can do it.

1. Download WordPress

Please go to the official website of WordPress, then download the latest version. You will get the files in .zip

2. Upload and extract to hosting

Open your CPanel through:

Login with data provided by the hosting.

Open the application called File Manager:

 Go to the folder named public_html:

(See File Manager on your hosting may be slightly different)

Upload the WordPress files in .zip format you downloaded earlier to this page. Once the upload is complete, click the extract button from the menu:

 Click Reload from the menu, then there will be a folder called wordpress:

Sign into this folder, and then click Select All from the menu.

Click the 'Move' or 'Move files' in the menu, then remove / wordpress as shown below:

3. Create a user and database
To have all the functions of WordPress you can run smoothly, then you must create a database.
Back to CPanel.
Open the application called MySQL Databases:

Click the 'Move' or 'Move files' in the menu, then remove / wordpress as shown below:
 (Use a mix of numbers and letters to make it more secure)

After that connect the two in the "Add User to Database":
 Tick all privileges:

Almost complete.

4. Complete the installation

Go to the address of your website through the browser.

From here you will be delivered to your WordPress installation final stage. Please follow as shown below:

If after submit it turns out the message "Error establishing a database connection", there is something wrong in the database name, username, and password.

After that fill in the information:

WordPress is ready for use.

After this, please go to the WordPress Dashboard with access like in this video: