Thursday, May 26, 2016

WordPress Learning: Steps to Create Websites with WordPress for Beginners

For people who want to learn how to create websites, WordPress is the best choice.

Almost no website owners who are not familiar with WordPress.

The reason is because it's free, its not unlimited, and the learning process is very easy. Even if you had never held before any computer you will be able to create a website in 5 minutes.

That new WordPress inch greatness.

In the series this guide you will learn the basics of WordPress, from installation to master its features.

Within 30 minutes the next, you will also be able to create a WordPress based website.

What it WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is open source. In language that is easier to understand, WordPress is a software that will allow you to create websites and manage content online.

Currently, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world.

You yourself also consciously or unconsciously, would have never been to a WordPress-based website. Naturally, as more than 25% of Internet websites created with WordPress.

Even the websites of world was using WordPress.

It's some of them:

More on this page.

And what about Indonesia?

Indonesian occupies thethird position as the language most widely used in WordPress with a percentage of 2.4%. Only to lose in English and Spanish that is used by many countries.

This means that there is very much a WordPress-based website in Indonesia.

Why WordPress can be so popular?

The main reason is because the manufacturing process is very easy, as I stated earlier. Even those who had met the computer can create a website in 5 minutes with WordPress.

In addition, also for free.

But not only that, this is the main reason why large websites using WordPress:
  1. With WordPress, we do not need to build a website from scratch so much time and energy can be saved
  2. WordPress can be modified freely and without limit according to the needs of the owner of the website, both in appearance and features
  3. Many themes and plugins available so you can change the look and adding features though not know anything about programming
  4. The learning process is very easy
  5. WordPress continues to be developed and updated by millions of programmers in the world
  6. WordPress has the largest user community. If you are having trouble, the answer can be found easily on the internet

With these reasons, since 2003 until now WordPress remains the most popular CMS.

At first, only use WordPress to create a blog ...

... But now WordPress is also often used as a website with other functions, such as community sites, buying and selling, directories, portfolio, company profiles, and others.

That glimpse of WordPress.

Without a longer length, let's start to the first chapter of this guide.