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Which is Better,, or Blogger? Here Comparison Of 8 Things

When you wish to create a website, especially in the form of blogs, you will hear people on the internet that comparisons between, and Blogger.

It usually makes people confused.

Worse, you could be miscast.

Therefore, now we will discuss objectively what are the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

Differences and

First, we discuss the two twins.

Although the name is the same and come from the same company, but and has a very big difference.

By definition, self-hosted is a service, whereas is the hosted service.

What is that?

So easy to understand, can be compared to the place of residence:

Self hosted is like a private home. The house is entirely your own, in your own land, and not to others.

Meanwhile, it hosted such an apartment. The land is not yours, you only have a unit in an apartment units. The apartment belongs to someone else.

( also includes hosted)

It was to be the picture?

In essence, self-hosted is 100% yours.

Now, let's compare three of the various aspects.


WordPress (hosted and self-hosted) currently ranks first as the most popular CMS with the percentage of the market by 39% than the total of other CMS users.

While Blogger was ranked fourth with a market percentage of 1%.
The table above is takenfrom here.

Ease to be made and Blogger equivalent. Both are most easily made because you only need to register an account on the website each.
While little more difficult.

To create a based site, you must hire a hosting and domain then perform the installation.

The phases are described in the next chapter.

The cost of making and development

Again here and Blogger equivalent.

You do not need at all costs to create an account in both. Although there are storage limits, you will be able to pay monthly to improve capacity. is limited 3 GB, $ 99 / year to upgrade to 13 GB.

While in Blogger free 15 GB (for unlimited photos). This list price plan to increase its capacity, ranging from $ 4 / month.
You also do not need to buy a domain that you are willing to address your website so like this: or

In order so, it costs Rp 100,000 per year.

For, you need the cost of hosting and domain.

It costs around Rp hosting and domain 350000-400000 per year. Hosting capacity for this price average 1-10 GB (depending on which hosting service)

In conclusion: takes charge early, and Blogger do not need. But in the later development, so much cheaper.

Ease of use

Actually, the three equivalent.

To learn the basics, until you can write and publish writings, these three alternatives is equally easy.

But here are a few more considerations: and .org are easier to manage and has a more friendly dashboard view. Blogger slightly confusing, especially when you want to find a menu on the dashboard.

Even so, the difference is not much.

After using it for 1-2 days, you will get used.

This Blogger dashboard display:

And this WordPress dashboard display:


There are two things I want to discuss in this section.

First, if we look to see essentially without changing anything in it. WordPress (.com and .org) superior than Blogger.

This is because the basic look like Blogger are outdated.

Second, the display flexibility.

The most versatile is

There are thousands of free and paid templates that you can use. If you are still not satisfied, could also alter yourself to suit any taste.

In second place is Blogger.

Although the choice of templates in Blogger is not much, but looks can do on your own to taste if you understand HTML and CSS.

While most inflexible Only a limited number of templates and can not be changed anymore.

The rating for the display flexibility:
  • Blogger


If we look at the basic features of a CMS, the three equivalent. Equally could make a post and page, insert images, video, and other multimedia.

But bloggers have a weakness:

1 pages be limited only to the size of 1 MB. So you will not be able to make the first page that contains a lot of pictures.

If we look at it the flexibility, superior

In the self-hosted, you can add extra features with the help of plugins. There are hundreds of thousands of plugins that you can exploit it for free.

Because of its open source, we can also modify all of its features.

Rating for versatility features:
  • Blogger

Monetization with advertising

Because many people who want to create a blog to earn money by using advertising (eg Google AdSense), then this is needed to cover.

This is the main thing you need to know:

Hosted does not allow installing Google AdSense.

So you can not get revenue from ads if you use But you can still earn income by other means, for example selling products.

More like this to

Ads from advertising network (AdSense and the like) are not allowed
But you are allowed to provide ad slots manually
Sponsored posts are also allowed
If your website is already quite popular, you can install WordAds (a type of AdSense, belongs to WordPress)
If you are using WordPress VIP, advertising allowed
While in no problem because there is no set up, you can use the AdSense or any other advertising network.

For Blogger, because Google's own so it must be.

Ownership and control

Because of its hosted, and Blogger had a big problem:

The website is not 100% yours.

There are many limitations in it, including those that have been mentioned earlier. As can not change the template and add plugins.

In addition, there is one more important thing ...

... Your website can be removed at any time without notice.

Although rare and impossible without cause, but and Blogger have the right to remove your website.

If it is removed, the website that you create vanished.

No longer be restored. Even content that you have created can not be taken back.

The myths that often circulated

Since the number of people who consider in choosing a Blogger or WordPress, often there is misinformation out there.

This you should consider ...

Here are some of the false statements but frequently mentioned:

Myth 1: only for people who have experienced

Self-hosted it takes a bit of effort in the installation process.

But it is not at all difficult.

Even if you ask people who've tried these platforms, Blogger and WordPress, WordPress says they definitely easier to use.

Usually people like to say WordPress is complicated because there is a script, database, PHP codes, etc.

Yet like it do not you have the slightest touch.

Myth 2: Blogger safer than WordPress

Glance it seems reasonable ...

... Given because the blogger was his company as big as Google, while WordPress that we built ourselves.

But the reality is not well.

WordPress software is always updated regularly to keep the security loopholes closed.

Both are similar.

Provided you do not install the plugin or template pirated potentially infected.

Moreover, if your website is new, there will be no one who would idly hacking into your website.

Myth 3: WordPress often down or inaccessible

It's only when you choose a hosting unclear.

If you buy a hosting commonly used by people, there would be no problem.

Myth 4: often broken / error

Only when you idly fiddling with code in it.

The reason why and Blogger can not be broken because you can not change the code (in addition to HTML and CSS). will not be damaged if you do not tamper with things you do not know its function.

Myth 5: Only users who can succeed

Not true.

In features, appearance, and flexibility, is more superior than others.

But based website has no special rights compared to Blogger in terms of content creation and marketing (in addition to branding).

What is important is the content and the way we present the contents.

Blogger and can also be successful.

Despite its limited, but if you can create quality content, then your website will definitely be successful.

Those are some popular CMS comparison.

My writing above may seem less likely to choose than other options, but everything I write objectively.

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